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Social Media Checklist for the Job Seeker

Question: Should organizations posting on Facebook be held accountable for the information contained on their sites? What do you think? And what would you do if you later discovered information you posted on Facebook was inexact? Many articles and blogs will advise you as to which social media to include in your job search kit including advice on how to use each one.  The intent of this article is to advise you as to which
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New Year’s Resolutions and Your Job Search

New Year’s Resolutions can be applied to all aspects of our lives. A job search is no exception and may be the most important!  What we do is so much a part of who we are in our culture that landing and keeping a job can be the most significant activity of our lives in a single year.  The usual first question asked when meeting someone new is ‘What do you do?’  If you answer, ‘I am not
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