What is a CV?

A ‘curriculum vitae’ (‘vitae’ from the Latin means ‘life’) is a detailed summary of your special skills, accomplishments, achievements, business successes and work experience gained in the course of your career.

A ‘CV’ will list publications, speaking engagements, professional appearances, certifications, professional affiliations, awards and recognitions in addition to work and professional experience.

What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?
The primary differences between a resume and a CV are the length, what is included, details and specifics, and the intended use and audience. A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, accomplishments, experience and education.

A resume is brief and concise and only gives ‘at-glance’ information about your achievements. A CV is a more detailed description of your qualifications, achievements and credentials. A resume can be used as a framework for a CV.

A CV is much longer with greater attention to detail with specifics. Not only will CVs include education and prior work history, a CV will detail with specialized courses, professional appearances, publications, presentations, professional affiliations, awarded grants, include special licenses and media attention. See Resume Writing.

When Do I Need a CV?
At first glance, the CV and the resume serve the same function. They are both tools that convey your special skills, accomplishments and achievements.

The CV like the resume is an essential marketing tool in your professional career and job growth arsenal.

Professions that typically require a CV in place of a resume are medicine, law, education, research science, publishing, and media (television, film, etc.), international companies if you are applying for a job outside of the U.S., equestrians and like ‘specialty’ jobs. See Specialty Jobs.

Grant applications will require a CV in place of a resume for certain roles within the applying organization.

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