By Specialty

My commitment is to work with you to create what you need to realize your dreams and achieve your goals: a resume, CV, personal or business bio. My promise to you is to uphold the standards and professional ethics of the career industry. My practice is to stay current with cutting-edge job search, business and personal development strategies.

My ‘client list’ includes a Director of Business Development, Administrative Assistant, Purchasing and Operations Managers, Equine Consultant, Ferrier, HR Manager, College Students, Accounting Manager, Actor/Production Assistant, Personal Assistant, and more!

My Specialties include:

  • Self-Employed: As a self-employed business owner/entrepreneur, you manage a busy practice or business. Your job requires much of you and is physically and emotionally demanding. How to keep up and remember all you do? We will work together to create what you need to showcase your expertise for conferences, presentations, grant submissions!
  • New Grads/Students: We will design a resume that reflects your academic curriculum that applies to the job or Internship to which you are applying. We will tie your academic work, your athletic or school activities that will be of interest to any employer to that of your desired job and position.
  • Equestrians: You are a veterinarian, ferrier, blacksmith, trainer, barn assistant or manager. Your job is physically and emotionally demanding. Together we will chronicle your achievements, honors, challenges you met and obstacles you have overcome! And when opportunity knocks, you will know it is not just another cranky horse kicking its stall!
  • Administrative: As an Administrative professional, you are key to an executive’s success, his/her right arm! Together we will create a resume that emphasizes your all-important negotiation and organizational skills, your ability to re-set priorities at a moment’s notice! We will showcase your many talents!
  • Professional: There is a right and wrong way to write a professional resume. And creating that resume is the first step to choosing the right path to success. We will work together to create a resume that identifies your main selling points and presents a high-impact resume that clearly targets your goals.
  • Healthcare: You are a physician, nurse or nurse practitioner, hands-on caregiver or medical assistant, with experience in the acute-care hospital or in-home care setting. You have earned licenses and certifications to provide patient care, and pursued studies to practice your skills. We will create a resume or CV that demonstrates your commitment to provide high-quality healthcare to your patients and emphasizes your experience and skills!

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