A Personal Touch for Your Resume

My philosophy is not to write a resume for you, but to write a resume with you. My approach is to engage in an interactive process with you, the job seeker, small business owner, or career professional. Writing a resume takes time and is an investment in your future. Together we will create a resume that emphasizes your skills and accomplishments!

My commitment is to work with you one-on-one, listen to your story to uncover your achievements and personal strengths. Together we will discover your hidden talents, skills and accomplishments, in the workplace, within your business and your professional community. Your resume will detail your hard work, your successes, will chronicle your achievements, the challenges you have met and obstacles you have overcome!

A resume is personal, represents and speaks for you, a means to convey your past history, yet is a window into your future and a predictor of your potential. Creating a resume is a journey of self-assessment, of introspection and of discovery. Everyone needs a resume.

Don’t know where to begin?

Who is your target audience? What is most important to them? What do they need? The answers to these questions will help us shape your resume. We will create a resume that presents a clear sense of purpose combining an attractive format with achievement- focused content to create a one-of-a-kind resume that works for you. Learn more about effective Resume Writing.

Is your phone just not ringing after you submitted your resume?

Preparation is the key to crafting an outstanding resume. My goal is to communicate your talents in a simple, focused and relevant manner. Together we will create your personal ‘brand’, identify the next step in your career path and develop a clear sense of direction with a strategy that gets you there. Develop your brand with a compelling Resume.

Do you have gaps in your work or business history?

We will create a resume that emphasizes your past accomplishments and markets you as a solution to any needs of an employer. Your resume will capture what makes you stand out, will be attention-grabbing and open doors to new opportunities. My goal will be to create a resume that is unique to you reflecting your values, goals and dreams. Stand out from the crowd with exceptional Resume Composition.

Are you self-employed and missed golden opportunities because your CV is out-of date?

Together we will produce more career options than you had dreamed of or imagined. Your CV will chronicle your achievements, accomplishments, the challenges you met and the obstacles you have overcome! My goal will be to write an attention-grabbing resume, CV or biography for that all important conference and presentation! Tailor your resume according to the niche or Specialty you belong to.

Still not sure how I can help you?