images[5]At some point in our lives we are inspired to be more creative, to be more innovative and to move forward in our lives and careers when all the outward signals tell us to ‘Stop’.

Inspiration lifts us above everyday life and gives us a natural ‘high’ and empowers us to believe all things are possible.  Excitement with life is renewed.  We move outside of our natural comfort zone into a new and exciting arena.

Inspiration gives us courage we would not otherwise have: courage to take risks, accept and rise above criticism, do what is meaningful as opposed to what is profitable, make the conscience decision to be different, work and live outside of the norm.

People inspire us into action: to change our lives, to make different choices, to find the courage to ‘go on’ in face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  

Are those who inspire us perfect?  By no means.  Inspiration creates everyday heroes who ask for nothing in exchange for taking enormous risks with their lives, careers and often everything material they own.


So who inspires you?  Inspirational role models might be the rich and famous, well-known heroes who have their moment in the sun, those who risk their lives to save another, someone in your personal or professional life , someone who has faded into obscurity, or even the notorious. 


Take this short survey and share who inspires you.

□    Gandhi

□    Mother Theresa

□    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

□    Mother, Father, Sibling

□    Pope Francis

□    911 First Responders

□    John Glenn

□    Eleanor Roosevelt

□    Raoul Wallenberg

□    Harriet Tubman

□    Our Veterans

□    Martin Luther King, Jr.

□    Amelia Earhart

□    ________________________          My Inspiration


My inspiration is Yana Parker, one of the first professional resume writers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Yana is the reason why resume writing is a profession, setting the professional standards for resume writers and being one of the first published authors of resume writing books. 

Yana is my inspiration not so much for how she wrote resumes and taught others in the art of resume writing, but how she discovered her passion for writing resumes and how she lived her life.

Yana was and is an everyday hero who made and continues to make a real difference in the lives of others.  She saw a need: people looking for work who lacked a real, living resume that made a difference in being hired…..or not being hired.  Yana left behind and never looked back on a corporate career and started one of the first home-based resume writing businesses. Yana Parker continues to inspire me every single day.