Remember in your youth when your mother cautioned against revealing too much too soon?  That dispelling the mystery of who you really are, spoiling your image in the minds of those around you, would lead to your eventual ruin?

Considered an ‘old fashioned’ value, creating and preserving an aura of mystery and imagination was considered the only way to gain a social presence and develop a genteel circle of influence.  Are mystery and imagination passé?

Right or Wrong Way to Catch An Employer’s Attention

Job Seekers are encouraged to use social media to create and maintain an online social media presence to promote Accomplishments and Skills, to connect with hiring managers and organizational influencers, to attain the goal of landing a job.  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are essential tools for the success of any and all job seekers in their quest to land a job. This is a fact of life in today’s job marketplace.

Where is the threshold of ‘too much’?  Is your online presence revealing too much about you?

Privacy is so important to maintaining that aura of mystery and imagination.  Your social media presence should leave the reader and follower wanting to learn more about you, not giving more information than they really want to know.

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Connect, Converse, Communicate and Convey.

 5 Ways to Use Social Media In Your Job Search

#1: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are key to increasing your reach and expanding your connections.  Use these mediums to network your way into a job.

#2: Use Facebook not as a way to connect with hiring managers and Recruiters, but to let your Friends and Followers know you are looking.  Employee referrals are highly valued and FB offers a tool for referrals.

#3: Research your target companies using social media particularly LinkedIn. Find 1st connections with contacts within companies that hold your interest and/or are hiring.  Ask for introductions.

#4: Plan and strategize how you use social media for your job search.  Coordinate your posts, have a synergy throughout your social media presence, and be consistent in the theme of your posts.

#5: Engage with your audience.  Join LinkedIn groups and actively participate in and initiate group discussions to showcase expertise in your field.  Join industry and career ‘chats’ on Twitter and ‘Follow’ Recruiter tweets.  Demonstrate your ability to connect, network, share information and stay current with industry trends.

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