Most likely you are reading this post out of curiosity, or you are intrigued by the title.

Or you imagine something torrid will be revealed about people whose lives are about as exciting as any Accountant.  (No offense to my Accounting friends and clients.)

For the record, my life is as far removed from that of Walter Mitty or Mata Hari as any life can be.  My day starts on the computer and ends at the computer.  In between, time willing, I may go to the gym, walk the dog, engage in conversation with neighbors, or do a little light gardening just to really spice up the day.   Really exotic activities.

My passion is writing: resumes, articles, bios, CVs, website blogs and an occasional short story.  My passion is writing in any form.images[9]

What inspires me to explore such a topic?

A prospective client asked me if I had a job, asked what it is that I do, as if being a resume writer is just not enough, as if she wanted something more.

Do you really want to hire a resume writer with out-of-the- ordinary pastimes and a questionable past?

Resume writing is a profession.

It takes a lot of work and preparation to become a writer of resumes, a lifetime of experience combined with a commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.

Resume writers are as diverse a group as any other profession with people from all walks of life, representative of every stratum of society.  It is hard work, time intensive, and requires commitment, training and knowledge.

Resume writers are also human.  Our success or failure is measured by our clients, and tied to their success as well.  We have good days and bad days, are a great fit with some clients and a disaster with others.

We share in the joy of victory over unemployment and mourn the loss of a job.  It is the overall career that is the measure of a good resume writer, and not the ups and downs on a daily basis.   This is true of every professional endeavor.

Do resume writers have a secret life?  My guess is some do and some do not.

If your resume is a good resume, do you care?

What is a secret life anyway?  Only Mata Hari and Walter Mitty know for sure.