‘What makes you a resume writer?’  A question that gives me pause and goes to the heart of why I am a resume writer and job search coach. 

Resume writing is my passion.  Writing a resume allows me to share in a client’s journey of self-assessment, introspection and re-discovery.  What inspires me to write is the look of total amazement and surprise on a client’s face when he or she realizes they have done something wonderful, made a difference and added value.

Why should you hire me to work with you as your resume writer?

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Me

‘Jill of All Trades’ Experience: Life and work experience is what I bring to resume writing, knowledge and understanding gained from an assortment of careers ranging from hands-on labor to Music Performance, Healthcare to Human Resources, Equine Science to author to small business owner. 

As a ‘Jill of All Trades’, I share career and life experiences with my clients leading to an understanding of who they are and what they do.  With maturity and experience comes the wisdom and knowledge necessary to build a resume that works.  I may be a ‘Jill of all trades’, but I am a master at resume writing. 

Compassionate and Collaborative:  My philosophy is not to write a resume for you, but to write a resume with you.  We will work together to achieve our shared purpose to create your winning resume. My style is collaborative, to engage with you in an interactive process.  A colleague described my resume writing style as, ‘…what impresses me most is her compassion for others, her drive to assist others through her practical, hands-on approach…’

Recruitment: My clients benefit from my experience ‘on the other side’ of hiring as

I have sourced, screened, interviewed and selected candidates within a variety of industries into a wide range of professions and job levels.  I bring that knowledge of the recruitment process and from the hiring perspective to my clients as job seekers.

Results:  My resume is the best possible tool you need to realize results. Client testimonials include ‘…personable, knowledgeable, went out of her way to understand my complex roles to improve my résumé’  ‘… is a resume writing guru, with real talent for coaching and supporting her clients every step of the way, while offering creative ideas for job searching…..’

 I cannot promise that you will land the job you want, or guarantee you employment or career success.  But together we can create the best resume possible.  My commitment is to partner with you to create the best resume you need to move your job search forward.  

Resumes are not just for Executives. ‘No life is an ordinary life, and every life is extraordinary’ defines my commitment to providing high quality service and product to every client.   Everyone needs a resume.  No matter who you are or what you do in life, your resume sets the stage for the next step in your personal journey.  Writing a resume is an exercise to focus your job search and build your confidence.