‘Tis The Season! To Land a Job!

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to look for a job. Between now and the middle of January, competition is at its lowest making hiring managers and recruiters more accessible to job applicants.

Many companies will post job openings during the holiday season anticipating fewer applicants in a time with an over-abundance of job seekers. Fewer applicants translate into more time to consider each person and evaluate their skills in relationship to company needs.  A ‘Getting-to-Know-You’ time so to speak!

Hiring managers are also eager to find and quickly hire fresh talent to help them reach their goals for the upcoming year.  Starting a new project on track requires full staffing.  With less competition, you will stand out with an opportunity to present yourself as the ideal new hire!
And managers are under pressure to balance their budgets which includes spending excess dollars set-aside for hiring.  An unfilled position is a negative reflection on any manager’s ability to run their department on budget.
Holiday Job Search AdviceStay focused. Do not allow yourself to be lazy or depressed.  Schedule your job search time as you would any other activity during the holidays. Set goals for yourself and include one item each day you must complete.

Activity keeps one motivated and involved with a positive outlook.  Volunteering will maintain your focus, a positive outlook and keep you involved!

Holiday gatherings present a terrific opportunity to network and might give you a next lead!  Get-togethers offer a relaxed setting to let family, friends and their acquaintances know you are in the job market and the kind of job you are searching for.  Try not to go overboard.  If you are overly aggressive you will only aggravate others and alienate yourself.
And have FUN at these social events!  Take time to enjoy the company of others and you will make a better impression on any prospective referral or contact.  Aunt Bessie’s neighbor might work for Google! and you want to make a positive impression!

Check the job boards every day.  Many employers will limit job postings to only the holiday season to take advantage of the decrease in applicants and as part of the screening process.  Postings increase during the holidays in anticipation of hiring in January.  You do not want to miss any opportunities!

Job seekers who apply during the holidays are considered by some employers to be serious applicants.  One way to impress a potential employer is to take time to hit the ‘Send’ button on Christmas or New Years Day.  Recruiters do not usually take vacation during the holidays-they have numbers to achieve. Many often work from home and will review your application holiday or not.

Send a holiday greeting to a recent interviewer. Let them know you are still interested in the position and wish them the best for the holiday season.  This will make a good impression and set you apart from other applicants.  Also send holiday greetings to those in your network with whom you’ve recently connected.  Thank them for any referral or connection they’ve arranged for you.

Consider temporary work during the holidays.  Companies will often bring on temporary workers November through January to help complete any year-end projects.  It is possible a temporary job might convert into something more stable as other company projects get underway or the job translates into something of a more regular status.

Continue your job search during the holiday season and you might land your next job sooner that you think!