by Marcia Hancock on November 3, 2013


Your voice is as essential a tool in your job search toolkit as your resume, your LinkedIn Profile, or any other career agent at your disposal. How you use your voice is as important as any other aspect of your career and job search.

Therein lies the question: how to use your voice to place you above your competition, distinguish you from your rivals, utilize to your advantage as you move forward in your job search and career.

‘Voice’, its quality, timbre, control and intonations are as much an indicator of your professional prowess as any other career accoutrement.
How you work under stress, control anger, make yourself heard, create and maintain a professional presence, all are reflected in your voice.

Your voice creates a visual presentation in the mind of the listener and communicates your level of strength and confidence in who you are, what you are about and what you have to offer. Your voice evokes a range of emotions and visual responses in the listener.

Are you a Leader? Your voice tells the story.imagesCA6E2XTW

Stand: Your Posture improves the quality, strength and durability of your voice.
Why not sit for a phone interview? Your shoulders drop forward causing you to slouch, your head is down, buried your resume, notes and phone, making it difficult to control your voice. Sitting will tighten already stressed muscles.

Project Your Voice: ‘Aim’ your voice slightly up and out as your voice carries along sound waves. Objects and people absorb the sound of your voice. Your voice is your power-project your voice and take control of the listener’s impression.

Breathe: Control your breathing further adding to your confidence.  Inhale through your nose’ exhale through your mouth.  This exercise will help you relax and control your speech.

Yes, Use Your Ironing Board: The Height can be adjusted to your comfort level and provides the vocal projection you need to visually impress the listener.
Allows you to Stand during the phone screen and provides a means to spread out materials for easy reading. The Ironing Board is mobile and can be moved easily to a comfortable place in your home.

Is your voice shrill when you are under stress? Does your voice ‘drop’ to lower tones when you are anxious? Can you control your vibrato to convey your message?
Listen to your voice and assess how it reflects your emotions and how your respond to external pressures.

What makes me an expert on ‘voice’ and how to use it to your career advantage? I am a trained, professional singer with twenty + years studying classical and popular music. In my singing career, I was one of a handful of singers who could stand then sing on the stage of the San Francisco Opera House and be heard everywhere without a microphone.

What has inspired me to share my vocal training is working with talented, skilled and accomplished professionals who cannot move beyond the phone screen.

Your voice is an indicator of your Leadership skills and competence.
Learning how to control and use your voice straightforward and effortless. Knowing how to use your voice is as if not more important than your resume, LinkedIn Profile or any other job search tool, and will move you forward in your job search and career.

Want to learn more? Join Lynn Kirkham, Founder of ‘Yes You Can Speak’ and myself the evening of Tuesday, November 5th with CSix Connect in Burlingame.

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Pat Dwyer November 4, 2013 at 1:58 am

Great advice. I never really thought before about how important the sound of my voice was in a phone interview.

Unfortunately, my ironing board is attached to the wall in the laundry room…


Hiromi November 4, 2013 at 9:31 pm

I never thought about the importance of my voice, either… But I do notice when somebody is loud and clear when they speak in front of people, it shows confidence. I should pay more attention to my voice next time.
Thank you for sharing the great info!


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